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Newbie question

Postby blewis999 » Fri Mar 24, 2017 4:28 am


I am looking for a starting point to try my emulator and am missing a basic understanding of ODBII that I hope someone will be kind enough to supply.

I have C software that talks to the CAN bus on a test system. That system is not ODBII but sends out messages with an ID in the CAN frame. My CAN receiver on a Kinetis controller filters that message when detected and delivers a 9 byte packet.

My question is, all the CAN devices I have on my system have a specific ID, is this a direct translation to the PID that ODBII uses. So for example if I wanted to ask for speed, would I send out a message with and ID of nn, and a packet with a byte indicating I wanted speed back? I don't understand if the PID talked about in ODBII is the same as the ID in the CAN frame.

If someone could give me the message for example for speed that I would send to the Emulator that would be a big help. I have read through the ODBII sites but as I said I am having a hard time connecting the dots on the ODBII protocol, versus the CAN message layer.



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