Use case question for correct product

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Use case question for correct product

Post by undeadghost »

Hi Stanley,

I tried contacting multiple times through the store contact form and another email I found, but was not successful in getting a response so I figured I try here.

I'm looking to purchase a Freematics one but wanted some clarifications on its features. Am I able to program it to do the following:

1. Device plugged in vehicle OBD2 port continuously to monitor for codes.
2. When it detects a specific subset of codes, clear it automatically
3. Any codes not within that specific subset will still behave normally and trigger the CEL/other lights in the dashboard.

If it has the capability for this feature, I will make the order. Or if this specific product can't, but another product that you have can, then please let me know about that as well. Thank you!
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Re: Use case question for correct product

Post by stanley »

You need to write your own code. Please note not powertrain related codes can be read.
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