Freematics One - BLE and sending data

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Freematics One - BLE and sending data

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I recently got a Freematics One to use in my collage project. I got it to so I could retrieve data from the car such as RPM, Speed, Distance, etc and upload this information to a website and locally display it on a LCD.
My question is, is there any documentation in the library with regards sending the data from the bluetooth to another device. The Freematics One I have doesn't seem to have space for a SIM Card or SD Card so it looks like Bluetooth is the only way for me.

This was supplied to me by the collage so if it was up to me I would be using the One+ or the Freematics to Arduino.

Any help is appriciated.
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Re: Freematics One - BLE and sending data

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I have the freematics ONE. Mine is not quite the same as in the pictures, it has not text and is all black. On one of the two smaller sides there is a small recessed rectangle. Using your fingernail or a pry tool you can pop the rectangle out and thats where the SIM and SD card trays are.
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Re: Freematics One - BLE and sending data

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You may have received a white label unit. Except for the label, everything else is same.
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