Default PID's Not working

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Default PID's Not working

Postby Monroe07 » Sun Oct 11, 2015 10:47 am

I've got a 2012 Prius, Gen 3, using the I2C adapter hooked up to an Arduino UNO, and am using the most current Library as of today, October 10th 2015. I can retrieve the Engine RPM, but the speed value is off (and gets more and more off as I accelerate) and Those are the only PID's I can get information from. I cannot get any information from the Fuel level PID or the Hybrid battery level PID. All the info I have seen from various websites all have longer PID's than the default 0x 2 characters. Anyone having any luck getting Hybrid Battery level of Fuel level from a 2012 American Prius?? Do I not have the correct PID's??

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