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I have been using the one+ in WiFi mode with no issues. I just installed the sim5360A and have inserted a T-Mobile sim.

I am trying to run the telelogger example as a test to make sure the 5360 is working and I am having issues getting connected to T-Mobile.

The 5360 powers up fine. Then fails in the setup method of UDPClientSIM5360.

In the very start of UDPClientSIM5360.setup I added an AT command to retrieve the CCID of the sim (AT+CICCID\r). This returns an error of "SIM not inserted" and on occasion "Sim Busy".

Question 1: Does anyone know if this is to early to query the SIM in this part of the setup or is the sim really not detected?

The setup method then executes "AT+CPSI?\r" which returns " No Service" which ends the setup. This is before using the APN so that is not the problem.

Question 2: Assuming the problem is not the sim then any ideas on why the "No Service" is detected.

fyi... I can pull the sim out and it works fine in the mobile phone.

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