one+ with SIM5360

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one+ with SIM5360

Post by marks50 »

I just added the SIM5360 to my one+. I have a T-Mobile sim that works in a phone and placed it in the 5360.

I am trying to run the telelogger to make sure everything is working. In UDPClientSIM5360::setup the AT+CPSI? command is coming back with "No Service". At the begging of the setup method I added a query to get the CCID from the SIM (AT+CICCID). This query returns "SIM not Inserted" and on occasion it has shown "SIM busy".


Is it to early in the setup to query the CCID from the SIM and that is why it is reporting No Sim or is it really not being detected? If so any ideas why it would not be found.

Assuming the SIM is not the problem any ideas on the why the CPSI would show No Service? This is before using the APN so that is not the problem.


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Re: one+ with SIM5360

Post by stanley »

Are you using SIM adapter?

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Re: one+ with SIM5360

Post by Ejje »

Got the same message when inserting the sim incorrectly.

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Re: one+ with SIM5360

Post by Elijah »

Got this message time to time. Same problem. Any progress?

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