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Reading 29 bit data from Freematics Emulator

Posted: Thu Mar 25, 2021 12:08 am
by camojoe

I have successfully requested PID values using the 11 bit CAN mode with the Freematics OBDII Emulator. Using 0x7DF and filtering through 0x78E works like a charm, however when trying to use the same thing with 29 bit mode, nothing works. After trying to search through the internet I didn't find much help except the possibility that instead of using 0x7DF as the ID you have to use 0x18DB33F1 to request and 0x18DAF11D to filter. Does this sound right? What have others done differently to be able to read 29 bit instead of 11 bit? Hope to hear from someone soon. Thank you

- Cam