Problems getting started with the ONE+

User feedbacks of the latest ESP32 based Freematics ONE+
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Problems getting started with the ONE+

Post by eric »


i already did some CAN-to-MQTT-sniffing with arduino and an MCP2515, SIM800 and an GPS. ... bb62_z.jpg
I collect battery and charging data from my SMART-Electric-Drive and the Renault ZOE from my wife.
Both EV's.
Since SMART and RENAULT dont give me the open available data from the can bus in their web-apps, i collect them myself.
And i know from many other EV owners that they would like to have a simple solution too.

So i ordered the ONE+ because i really like the smaller form factor and the better developed hardware then mine in general. ;-)

But i'm a bit lost with the ONE+.

1. Which esp32 Board do i have to select in arduino for flashing?
At the moment i use "ESP32 Dev Module" setting, but maybe another setting would be better?
Is there a FreematicsONE+ Board-Setting i can copy into the hardware folder from my arduino so i can select it for uploading?

2. I already use a self made "Simulator" which works fine for my selfmade hardware.
But if i connect CAN-H and CAN-L to the ODB2 Ports the FreematicsONE+ dont recognize the can-bus.
So i canot test.

3. I use a AldiTalk SIM here in Germany.
My APN is ""
And i have a Username and a Login as well. In my sketches i have to give user/pass the SIM800 as well to work.
In the V5 Telelogger i have no user/pass, only a APN setting.
Where can i enter the user/pass?

If all works i will modify the CAN-ID's to get the ones i need for my EV's.
And in the best case i will send them with mqtt over gsm. But a http-POST/GET would work too.

Since im not sure if all works, i inserted an SD-Card for local logging, just to see sometning. But the Card is empty after a short drive.
Im a bit clueless where i can start to debug my problems.

Maybe soneone here can help or has already sometning made for a smart or a zoe.
Would like to exchange and test. :-)

Thats all for the moment...


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Re: Problems getting started with the ONE+

Post by aboaboit »

Hi, Eric.

I'm a newbie as well so please bear with me but I think I can answer your first question: your board settings are correct.
To verify, just check the platform.ini file from one of the demo sketches, they'll all have this section:

I'd be also interested in the simulator, if you can get it to talk to the F.ONE+

With regards to the APN, from the code (specifically config.h) it looks like this is not supported. Depending on your skills, patience, phone and so on, may I offer an alternative? I am using my phone as hotspot, with activation&deactivation controlled by Tasker and a NFC tag on the dashboard.


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Re: Problems getting started with the ONE+

Post by NicholasWalter »

Hi there,

as far as the APN authentification goes, I can only talk about the SIM5360 module, not the SIM800, however I assume they are quite similar. With the SIM5360, you can use the AT commands to select the type of authentication you want to use, search for SIM800 AT commands, there should be some official documentation available.
You can then add this command/ these commands (should be two, one for selection of authentication type, second to set credentials) to the datalogger. However I just read that you already do this in your own sketches, so you probably know more than me.

For the board settings: I also use the EPS32 Dev Module, i've tried a few of the other similar ones available in the platformio ide and none of them worked for me.

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Re: Problems getting started with the ONE+

Post by eric »

Thanks for your answers.

the settings in the arduino ide or are correct.
i can upload the official sketches, but they dont give any data with an electric car.

is there anyone who can give me a "basic, simple, sample" arduino sketch where i can read a can-id and get the value on the serial interface...

for example Can-ID "0x2D5"

Here how the Message looks on my mcp2515

0x2D5 00 00 4F 14 03 40 00 00
here i need to extract the 5th and 6th byte
0340 which is in decimal 832.
divided by 10 is 83,2
which is the SOC (state of charge) of the battery.

So a simple sketch for the ONE+ to build up onto would be nice...

plug it into my can bus and get the SOC printed over serial usb.

who can help?


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