Accelereomter/Gyro/Compass calibration

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Accelereomter/Gyro/Compass calibration

Postby ehsan.moradi » Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:36 pm

Hi ...

Would you please explain for me how should I calibrate the MEMS sensors. I mean, should I go through a special process or the module has auto calibration mechanism. at the moment, I am still testing the device at my desk (indoors) and when I check the second-by-second output of the module, I see that:
- Magnetic sensor is showing a fixed value and when I move/rotate the module no change happens in the three reported values (3-axis) for it
- When I play with the sensor, I see the changes in acceleration, but when it is left still on the desk, a_z = 1.0 (around 1) and at least one of a_x or a_y has values (usually a negative value arounf -0.25)
- The gyro shows a lot of fluctuations even if the module is in fixed in its place
- The orientation is the worst one. The 3 values change suddenly between positive and negative values (very different values).

Thanks in advance for your help.

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