GPS issues

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GPS issues

Postby elidev » Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:11 am


First of all thank you for the assitance on my last few questions its been a big help and i am overall happy with your amazing product :)
i am facing another issue now where 8/10 tries (me starting my car and driving) everything works great and i receive a full update from the One+ unit with all the data including GPS and it remains stable even for a full hour of driving (one update every 1 sec give or take)
However on 2/10 tries i am facing GPS issues , i recive an update with all the OBD data but no GPS information , at first i thought it was reception related but the moment i restarted the One+ unit (plug out and plug back in) everything works fine with the same logic of 8/10 tries give or take .

once the drive starts with "bad" GPS it remains like that for the duration of the drive , and if the gps starts "GOOD" then it remains like that for the duration of the drive.
i have yet to figure out any logic behind it , other then one thing that sticks out , when i have "BAD" gps i see in my log prior the the GPS "Bad" Behaviour that the unit is sending "VIN=Freematics Device" which is the default vin and not the OBD read not 100% sure its related.

1) how can i troubleshoot this GPS behavior ?
2)) what can cause the update to be sent with no GPS data ?
3) i have 3 units all exhibiting the same behavior in different cars , locations etc..

Any thoughts or tips are welcome :)

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Re: GPS issues

Postby stanley » Tue Feb 20, 2018 11:35 am

The GPS stability issue has been addressed and fixed in latest commit. GPS decoding is now done in a separate thread. Please update your library. ... 33df1308d1

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Re: GPS issues

Postby elidev » Mon Mar 05, 2018 6:58 am

Hello Stanley

Thank you for the response , i rebuilt the libery and updated the sketch v5 but sadly the problem persists .
about 20% of the times the car starts i get all the OBD data but i get Clunky gps , how can i troubleshoot this issue ?
a quick restart fixes the issue almost every time what am i missing here ?

Thanks in advance

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