Help with OBD

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Help with OBD

Post by ramsaymike »

I am unable to get an OBD connection with my ONE+ - everything else works fine. Using the firmware_v5 simple_obd test all I get for output is:
OBD Firmware Version 0
Connecting to OBD...
Connecting to OBD...

Other code readers are able to connect without a problem. Car is 2017 Honda CRV (1.5L turbo)

Any advice greatly appreciated.


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Re: Help with OBD

Post by rpankau »

Hey any luck with your One+?
I have a very similar issue,
2008 Honda Fit
OBD...NO is what I get via serial link. using datalogger and telegogger v5.
also I'm using an sd card that's 64G, but reallocated to 32 and FAT32 for arduino, serial says it is ok but also never get a file written to it.

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Re: Help with OBD

Post by stanley »

Car must use CAN bus or K-line. ISO9141-2 is not well supported.

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