Freematics Arduino Builder (1.0.12) - Error loading Sketch

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Freematics Arduino Builder (1.0.12) - Error loading Sketch

Postby kwanghoon86 » Tue Sep 11, 2018 4:22 pm


1) I have Freematics ONE+ product and am trying to load datalogger/telelogger sketch (from firmware_v5 folder) on latest version of Freematics Arduino Builder (1.0.12). I tried setting target to "Freematics ONE+ (4MB)", "Freematics Esprit(ESP32)" as well as other, but I'm getting "Error loading sketch" message. Could you please let me know how I can overcome this?

2) I've installed Arduino IDE and "ESP8266" from Arduino's Board Manager and tried uploading it to device using PlatformIO -> but when I try to upload, I get "Error: Please specify `upload_port` for environment or use global `--upload-port` option." message.

3) When PlatformIO pop-up appears to install board package, and I click to install "package - esp8266", I get "Exit with code=255" error message.

Could you pls help?

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