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telelogger net_none build error

Posted: Mon Apr 09, 2018 4:42 am
by aboaboit

I'm trying to build telelogger using PlatformIO on Atom. With config.h from master, it builds ok

If I edit the config and set NET_DEVICE to NET_NONE, I get build errors:
/home/andrea/devel/Freematics/firmware_v5/telelogger/telelogger.ino: In function 'void idleTasks()':
/home/andrea/devel/Freematics/firmware_v5/telelogger/telelogger.ino:882:18: error: 'net' was not declared in this scope
char *data = net.receive(&len, 0);
(and many more...)

1) is NET_NONE unsupported?
2) does anything bad happen if I leave NET_WIFI and do not provide a hotspot?