LOOKING FOR A FRIENDLY SOUL (logs from OBD for Master's Thesis)

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LOOKING FOR A FRIENDLY SOUL (logs from OBD for Master's Thesis)

Postby dave94 » Thu Apr 19, 2018 11:32 pm


Firstly I have to tell that I am inconvenient that I have to ask you for help but it seems that this is my last option :(

I write my Master's about few ways of calculating fuel consumption from the OBD data. Problem is I need reads from the special set of PIDs and none of my or my friend's vehicles supports all of them :( .

I am looking for a friendly soul who could help me :oops: . I've seen that on the forum are ppl who have access even to 01 5E PID! :o Which is veeeeeery rare :!: In every scientific paper it says that this PID is not supported on testers' vehicles so blablabla...

Below I present PIDs and other information which I will need to write my Master's.

The minimum I need:
30 minutes of continious readings from 01 mode.

0B - Intake manifold absolute pressure,
0C - Engine RPM,
0D - Vehicle speed,
0F - Intake air temperature,
10 - MAF air flow rate,
5E - Engine fuel rate,

make, model, year, engine, engine displacement

44 - Fuel–Air commanded equivalence ratio,
46 - Ambient air temperature,
51 - Fuel Type

Ofcourse if you can prepare a set of PIDs with more than those listed It will be better but I think those listed will be enough.

P.S Sorry for my English. I haven't used it in a while :oops:

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