Freematics Firmware v5 settings

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Freematics Firmware v5 settings

Post by ps-bmw »

Hi Guys,

I successfully uploaded the firmware v5 to my Freematics One+ and it works. Now, I would like to customize the data being logged.

1. How can I change the PIDs to be logged in hexa format? (0x10b instead of 10b)
2. How can I log the VIN and additional PIDs? There are only a few will be logged.
3. How can add timestamp to each record, so it logs: ts, PID, value

Thanks in advance!

Best wishes,

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Re: Freematics Firmware v5 settings

Post by gab696 »

Hi peter,
I am looking for the same thing.
Have you found the solution or any reply from another user?
thanks !

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Re: Freematics Firmware v5 settings

Post by aboaboit »

If you don't mind having the timestamp only once per cycle, here is my solution:
It's not yet in the official tree but you're welcome to try it out, if it helps.
(this applies only to the Datalogger sketch, of course)

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