Megalogget Kit 3 - Is there any functional software available?

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Megalogget Kit 3 - Is there any functional software available?

Postby Ascanio » Sun Jul 07, 2019 1:09 am

Hi there!

I am resurrecting my Freematics Megalogger Kit 3.
You remember, the old one with the 3.2 inch display, the 2 UART and 1 I2C interfaces... the BT module that touched the USB socket... the GPS module that never really reached 10Hz ( by a long shot ).

I never really got the thing to work properly in the first place, and thought the time had finally come to put it to good use. But it looks like Freematics firmware has good forward, with little backward-compatibility, and Arduino has moves forward to......

I have tried to set up my environment with libraries and files from all over the place, nothing seems to work anymore.
Is anyone managing to make the old kit work with new software? Or has found a place to recover the old software?

Thanks for the help! I am completely in the dark here.
Anything I try I either get compile errors ( all over the place, from I2Cdev.h missing, to LCD_SSD1289::setPixel accepting 1 argument and receiving 3 ), or the display stays black ( in some cases backlighting doesn't even initialise ).

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