Real time car fuel consumption

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Real time car fuel consumption

Post by Mak21 »

Hello guys.. i am new here and i want to ask you something about the data i will get out from the obd-ii adapter..

I have an arduino uno and i want to connect it with my car through the adapter.. My goal is to show in a screen the current fuel consumption in real time(eg. 17l/100km, 21L/100km...). My car has a big fuel consumption and i drive always in traffic. Of course i know i can calculate this by divide the km by the lt but i want it live like the new cars.

So my question is are there any data i can get from the adapter make the calculations and finally have the data that matters to me?
I have no problem with coding this is actually my job!

Thank you very much guys!
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Re: Real time car fuel consumption

Post by Gauner »

There's a OBD2-parameter 5E: Engine fuel rate [l/h] and 0D: Vehicle speed [km/h]. So, You can do the math:
consumption_per_km = Engine_fuel_rate / Vehicle_speed
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