mpu9250_dmp_quaternion - 'Type Error'

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mpu9250_dmp_quaternion - 'Type Error'

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Upon compiling the sketch mpu9250_dmp_quaternion, I get the following compiling error:

mpu9250_dmp_quaternion:3:1: error: 'MPU9250_DMP' does not name a type
MPU9250_DMP imu;

I am using the source code straight from Git. I also made sure to check this using another pc. I get the same compiling error.


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Re: mpu9250_dmp_quaternion - 'Type Error'

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Hi, I am getting the same compiling error as you, have you found by any chance a solution to this issue?
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Re: mpu9250_dmp_quaternion - 'Type Error'

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DMP support has been dropped from library.
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