Traccar sim not working

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Traccar sim not working

Post by Jurre »

I'm currently using the Freematics ONE+ Traccar Edition with a hologram sim.

With Visual studio code I upload the traccar_client_sim5360.ino to the device and this works fine. However when I check the console I see it isn't connecting to the network.

This is what it says:
Init SIM5360...OK
Connecting network (APN:hologram)...............................



I've tried using different APN's but nothing works. The simcard is working like it should and when I insert it into a phone I can use it normally.

If you need more information then feel free to ask!
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Re: Traccar sim not working

Post by stanley »

Some people insert SIM card in a wrong direction and report this issue to me while some do not realize it is SIM7600 in the device instead of SIM5360.
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