Standby mode and motion triggered wakeup

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Standby mode and motion triggered wakeup

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Freematics ONE is able to work in a low power mode in which the working current is as low as 10mA. The main controller ATmega328p can still be active and access MEMS sensor, BLE or microSD. Instead of checking OBD to detect ignition being switched back on, we can do motion detection by periodically checking MEMS sensor to wake up the whole device (OBD, GPS, GSM/WIFI) when the car starts to move. This allows maximize power saving so that the car battery won't go flat for months. The latest revision of sample sketches (datalogger and telelogger) in Github demonstrate this approach. ... irmware_v4

The motion threshold in config.h can be adjusted to your own flavor. I have done a couple of tests these days and it proves this works quite well. Comparing with repeatedly request OBD PID to trigger wake up, this is much more power efficient.
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Re: Standby mode and motion triggered wakeup

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Could you please share example?
How could got it working with OBD-II UART Adapter V2 (for Arduino)?
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