Flash problem

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Flash problem

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I have more than one year the Freematics one+, but from yesterday I am no longer to flash the firmware, the error is on the mismatch of the md5.

>Wrote 424800 bytes (214931 compressed) at 0x00010000 in 5.5 seconds (effective 619.0 kbit/s)...
>File md5: 32a4f5c5e167c1b97823ad731143654e
>Flash md5: 8373e99421fd42a7a1c434336f7576d7
>MD5 of 0xFF is 43ae35f73b769257e4e3d078c5aabafa
>A fatal error occurred: MD5 of file does not match data in flash!

I try with the esptool.py to erase the flash, I tried to the official IDF tool, nothing to do.
anyone can help ? or do I have to give up because the flash memory is gone ?

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