Accessing other PIDs?

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Accessing other PIDs?

Post by tanner »

let me preface this that my C++ skills are pretty non-existent but can figure out to some degree what is going on especially in the OBD files :)

I'm trying to log the oil temperature in our BRZ where the PID is 2101, but in order to do that I believe I need to revise the COBD::init to include a AT SH 7E0 as part of the initcmd.

What I'm trying to figure out now is how to pull the data from this PID. I see that the sendQuery uses both the dataMode and pid, and by default the dataMode in COBD is set to 01 and believe I'll need to use 21 to pull the oil temp.

Has anybody made any revisions to the OBD files to allow for other PIDs in other data modes such as the above?


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Re: Accessing other PIDs?

Post by jonathanK »

I'm also interested in this topic, and look forward to any answers the community might have. In the mean time I'll keep searching through the forums :D

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Re: Accessing other PIDs?

Post by gospod »

You could try with obd.sendCommand().

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