Can't compile an ordinary Arduino sketch

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Can't compile an ordinary Arduino sketch

Postby giocc » Mon May 21, 2018 7:18 pm

I used to use a former version of your tool, so I was glad to see the development has continued.

However, I tried to compile a sketch that compiles perfectly with the standard Arduino IDE, but to no avail.
ArduinoBuilder signals "Error during compilation (Error code:" (sic), however the text is way too large for the text box and only part of it is visualized, making the message useless (I remember this annoying issue form the previous versions).
I can't find other logs to investigate further, nor indications on how the build process is managed or can be configured.

[EDIT] I eventually found the problem, it was a name mismatch in one of the libraries; however, the fact still stands that the sketch compiled flawlessly in the standard Arduino IDE, but most of all that, regardless, the only error message available was not readable (I left the post to leave a mention of this issue).


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