HowTo get hardware configuration from One+

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HowTo get hardware configuration from One+

Post by gessi »

I purchased the "Freematics ONE+ Traccar Edition" with product ID "F1P-T" and got it reconfigured to be used by a traccar server (subscription one which works fine with another device) using the configurator.

SIM7600 is properly configured as I can see the Freematics device connecting to the traccar server but there is zero GPS/GNSS data received. I should have purchased the internal GNSS antenna but would like to find a way to troubleshoot the GPS issues and get the hardware information from the device.

Currently not connected to ODB in my car but using power from a Micro-USB power adapter.
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Re: HowTo get hardware configuration from One+

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Did you use Freematics Builder? Make sure after loading telelogger, you choose the correct type of GNSS. There are 3 options, internal, external and cellular. Also make sure to change CPU clock to 160Mhz.
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