Using FreematicsEmulator GUI app

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Using FreematicsEmulator GUI app

Post by cmtgroup »

I am using the Freematics OBD-II emulator on a windows desktop control the Emulator to connect to my system to inject OBD data into a test system.
I need to have a specific distance or time at some given speed which the Emulator injects the OBD data.
I set the Time & Distance ".. with MIL" fields and Connect but there doesn't seem to be any effect - the emulator just free runs.
I am obviously not using this correctly or misunderstand the fields.

Is there a way to get the FreematicsEmulatorGUI app to run for specfic time or distance without writing an app to use the AT commands controlling it directly?
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Re: Using FreematicsEmulator GUI app

Post by stanley »

The distance/time values will not automatically change. If you need them changing like in real scenario, you need to control the emulator programmatically.
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