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Vehicle Telemetry Kits

Vehicle Telemetry  Kits

We put well designed or picked components into a complete kit and have developed ready-to-go Arduino sketches for them.

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ESP32 Arduino GPS Kit
This is an open-source Arduino development kit working as a GPS data logger and tracker. It includes..
ESP32 OBD Dev Kit
Based on Freematics ESPRIT C3, the ESP32-C3 dev board in Arduino UNO form factor, together with 1.3"..
US$75.00 US$69.90
Freematics Nano Kit (Arduino Nano based)
This kit contains basic components needed to put up a device that can read vehicle data and display ..
Vehicle Telemetry Starter Kit
A cost-effective development kit designed for vehicle telemetry projects featuring ECU data access v..
Freematics Mega Kit (DISCONTINUED)
This Arduino based DIY kit is ideal for putting up a customizable vehicle telematics data logging de..
Freematics ONE+ Traccar Edition
Freematics ONE+ Traccar Edition is based on Freematics ONE+ pre-flashed with open-source firmware th..
OBD-II Telematics Kickstarter Kit (DISCONTINUED)
This kit can put up a comprehensive data logging device which logs vehicle OBD-II data, GPS data and..
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