Freematics was founded by Stanley Huang and Kevin Huang in 2013. Freematics aims to bring freedom and decentralization to vehicle telematics and make it easier than ever to utilize open-source hardware resources in related projects.

All started from maker circle and exhibitions at Maker Faire events around the world, OBD-II Adapter for Arduino, our very first product, has been unexpectedly popular for years among makers working on vehicle connected gadgets like tachometer, HUD, or Performance Box equivalent. As our products and concepts evolve, we began to provide a series of specialty gears and development kits that are practically useful in product prototyping and even commercial applications like vehicle tracking, fleet management, vehicle performance analysis and so on. App developers use our products as hardware platform for their car-connected Apps. In the past years, we have already shipped tens of thousands of orders to our customers all over the world.

Our prospective is to further craft our products towards perfection and make them more adaptable and cost-effective for all kinds of telematics applications. Head for our online store to have a look at we've got for you!


Business Information

Freematics (ABN: 57166888026)
Suite 1008
Shop 135 166 Mona Vale Road
St Ives NSW 2075