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Freematics ONE

  • Simple programming (100% compatible with Arduino UNO)
  • Programmable with Arduino IDE or PlatformIO via USB
  • Easy access to OBD, motion sensor and GPS data with Arduino library
  • MicroSD card data logging
  • Optional BLE and cellular module

Freematics ONE+

  • Based on powerful ESP32 dual-core SoC with built-in WiFi & Bluetooth
  • 4MB or 16MB internal Flash memory
  • Programmable with Arduino IDE or PlatformIO via USB
  • Easy access to OBD, motion sensor and GPS data with Arduino library
  • MicroSD card data logging
  • Cellular network connectivity (optional)


Freematics OBD-II UART Adapter V2.1 (for Arduino)

  • Compatible and extended ELM327 AT command-set
  • Fast access to all standard OBD-II PIDs
  • Reading and clearing vehicle diagnostic trouble code (DTC)
  • CAN bus sniffing
  • Built-in 9-DOF motion sensor and sensor fusion algorithm
  • Serial UART and USB interface
  • Working as 5V/2.1A power supply

Freematics OBD-II I2C Adapter (for Arduino)

  • Compatible ELM327 command-set interface
  • Quick access to all OBD-II PIDs available from vehicle ECU
  • Reading and clearing vehicle diagnostic trouble code (DTC)
  • Built-in MEMS accelerometer and gyroscope
  • I2C data interface for accessing both OBD-II and MEMS data
  • Working as 5V/2A power supply

10Hz GPS Receiver for Arduino

  • U-Blox M8030 solution
  • Concurrent reception of GPS/QZSS, GLONASS
  • Up to 10Hz update rate
  • 72-Channel receiver
  • Accuracy 2.5m (Autonomous) / <2m[SBAS]

Freematics Vehicle Data Logger V3 (discontinued)

An Arduino compatible device with OBD-II access and many built-in components useful for comprehensive vehicle data logging, including 6-axis motion sensor, microSD seat, BLE wireless module, GPS module and receiver, all accessible with Arduino libraries. This product was on Kickstarter in Feb 2014.

Freematics OBD-II Emulator

Freematics OBD-II Emulator MK2 is world’s smallest OBD-II emulator supporting KWP2000, ISO9141, CAN bus and J1850 simulation. It features a standard 16-pin female OBD-II port identical to that of a real car and responds in the same way to a plugged OBD-II compliant device by simulating signals for OBD-II PIDs, OBD-II readiness monitors, diagnostic trouble code (DTC), VIN and etc.


Freematics Nano Kit (Arduino Nano based)

This kit contains basic components needed to put up a device that can read vehicle data and display it on a OLED display module.

  • Power and data from OBD-II port
  • High brightness OLED screen for live data display
  • Small footprint and simple wiring
  • Arduino sketch for Arduino Nano

Freematics Mega Kit (Arduino MEGA based)

This kit puts up a comprehensive OBD-II and GPS data logger with live display. It features

  • Power and data from OBD-II port
  • Color TFT LCD for live data display
  • Data logging on microSD card
  • 10Hz GPS receiver for Arduino (optional)
  • Arduino sketch for Arduino MEGA

Freematics ESP32 OBD Kit

This kit is based on Freematics Esprit, the Arduino compatible ESP32 dev board, together with 1.3″ OLED display and Freematics OBD-II UART Adapter. This kit is easy to start yet has a lot of potential for prototyping advanced connected car applications.

Freematics ESP32 GNSS Kit

This kit can work as a GPS data logger and tracker. It includes Freematics Esprit (ESP32 based), a 1.3″ OLED display and a 10Hz GNSS receiver, plus our well developed Arduino sketches and libraries.


Freematics ESPRIT (ESP32 Arduino Devboard)

Freematics ESPRIT is an Arduino compatible development board based on Espressif ESP32 SoC with additional features for telematics projects.

  • Dual-core Tensilica LX6 microprocessor
  • Up to 240MHz clock frequency
  • 520kB internal SRAM, 4MB Flash memory
  • Integrated 802.11 BGN WiFi transceiver
  • Integrated dual-mode Bluetooth (classic and BLE)
  • Programming with Arduino

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