Freematics products intended for sale and use in worldwide markets comply with the applicable international requirements for product safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), essential safety & usage information, WEEE, RoHS, quality, and for use in hazardous locations. Products delivered into the European Economic Area (EEA) comply with the directives of the European Community (EC). Products delivered into North America comply with their respective directives. Some products bear CE and/or FCC marks which is tested to comply with the EC and/or USA directives.

We provide a one-year warranty over all our sold products. Unlike consumer products, our products are designed and provided as DIY friendly. We allow users to open up product enclosures for research or modifications. If any artificial damage (like short circuiting) is caused due to mis-handling, warranty is voided.

In any cases a refund will be issued only after the customer has returned all the purchased items to us and the condition of the returned items does not affect reselling otherwise a restocking fee up to 15% will be charged.