Choose a CSV file from your SD card used for data logging



How to log vehicle OBD-II data and GPS track?
Check out OBD-II Telematics Kits!

What is required for viewing GPS track?
Please install Google Earth if you want to view GPS track.
You may need to restart the browser after installation.

How to zoom in the data chart?
From chart: drag and select a range of time to zoom in the chart
From map: choose two points on the track to zoom into that range

How can I share the chart and map with others?
Simply send others the URL of the charting page you view

How to change view point angle of the map?
Hold Shift or Ctrl key and then scroll with mouse

What are the yellow marks in the map?
These are the brake points in the track.


11 Nov 2014 The charting service is up running again

11 Nov 2014 Data2KML utility updated

14 Jan 2014 Chart zooming by clicking two track points

01 Jan 2014 Freematics Hardware Store open

18 Dec 2013 Freematics Charting Service beta online

12 Dec 2013 Data2KML utility released